Our Referral Policy

Our Referral Policy

We  appreciate all of our patients who have helped us spread the message of chiropractic.  When you send someone to us for chiropractic care you are doing so much more that offering them help from a health problem.  You are changing their lives. This selfless act on your part deserves recognition and reward.  

It is therefore the policy of our clinic that each person who refers in another person, other than a family member, to our clinic for care, will be credited with one FREE Adjustment!  This is just a small way of us thanking you for your confidence and trust in us.

As you are aware. The goal in our office is to correct subluxations on all of our patients.  Correction of subluxations allows your nervous system to function at a higher level therefore improving all areas of your life.  When you send someone else in for care, you have in fact improved their life!  What you did in this respect should not be taken lightly.

Imagine for a moment the impact you make on someone's life when you start them on the road to life with a properly functioning nervous system without subluxations. Ask yourself several questions about the affects of sending someone to chiropractic care to have their subluxations corrected.   Do they feel better?  Yes, almost always.  Does their body function better?  Yes, in many ways.  Is their level of energy higher?  Yes again, sure is!  Is their immune system working at a higher level?  Yes once again, it is! Can they perform tasks and sports at a higher level?  Yes, they sure can!  Are they able to adapt better to their environment and the stresses of daily life?  Yes, most certainly!

So from you one act of starting someone down the road of chiropractic you have impacted every aspect of the quality of their life.  We take our responsibility in this matter very seriously. We appreciate the fact that you do also. 

We urge all of our patients to keep up the good work and continue to refer others to chiropractic care.  We pledge to continue to offer the highest quality chiropractic care available at the most reasonable fees possible.  With you help, we feel we can change lives!

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